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Gene Larew

Gene Larew 4/5" Flippin Bug 8pk - Sooner Magic

Gene Larew 4/5" Flippin Bug 8pk - Sooner Magic

Gene Larew 4/5" Flippin Bug 8pk - Sooner Magic


  • The Gene Larew Flipping Biffle Bug is a 4 1/2 inch soft plastic creature bait designed for flipping.
  • Inspired by the Original Biffle Bug, the Flipping Biffle bug has an extra set of arms that kick and flop when it falls.
  • It's great for flipping because you toss the Flipping Biffle Bug into an area and let it sink, letting it get that extra kicking flopping action, which is usually when the strike comes in.
  • In addition to flipping, this is a good bait choice for shakey head, Carolina Rig, or mimicking lizards and creatures.
  • The Flipping Biffle Bug comes in a ton of great colors. 8 baits per pack.

When legendary angler Tommy Biffle speaks up, we listen! Biffle urged the staff at Gene Larew to transform the Biffle Bug into a creature bait made perfectly for flipping, and we did just that! Introducing the Gene Larew Flipping Biffle Bug, a rendition of the Biffle Bug with the same ribbed body, which can accompany scents or rattles, combined with a solid head and quick kicking side appendages for a seductive fall. The Flipping Biffle Bug is a great option for springtime flipping, imitating lizards or creatures, perfect year round on a Carolina rig, or even dragged slowly on a magnum shakey head.

CA Proposition 65 WARNING

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