A fishing rod is a long tapering rod, typically made of wood or steel, that is equipped with a hand grip and fishing line.

How To Choose The Perfect Fishing Rod

  • A fishing rod is a tapered rod that is equipped with a reel and a fishing line to cast out bait and bring fish back in.
  • Popular fishing rod brands include: Falcon, Shimano, Abu Garcia, and Ugly Stik.
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  • Imagine you are out on the water, eager to reel in a big catch. You’ve got the perfect bait, and chose a great spot where the fish always bite. You cast your line off into the water. After patiently waiting, your rod shakes as you feel a bite. As you start to reel in, realizing that this catch is big. You brought a trout pole, but you notice that you aren’t reeling in a trout, but an alligator gar! You notice your rod bend further than intended, and before you can react, your rod snaps under the weight! As the alligator gar swims away, you might ask yourself: how do you pick the right rod to ensure this never happens again?

    What Is A Fishing Rod

    A fishing rod is a long tapering rod typically made of wood, steel, or another flexible material, that is equipped at the bottom with a hand grip and a reel of fishing line. The line extends to the tip of the rod where a variety of hooks, jigs, and baits can be placed on the end for casting off. A fishing rod is what connects the angler to the fish they are trying to catch. A rod allows for the bait on the end of the fishing line to be cast out far into the water, then reeled back in when a fish is caught. This system has been used for centuries and has proven to be one of the best ways to catch fish. 

    Types Of Fishing Rods

    Over the years, many new techniques and materials have been developed that have transformed the way we fish. The fishing rods of today come in all shapes and sizes for a variety of different fishing techniques. Finding the right rod is critical to maximizing your chances of reeling in exactly what you’re aiming for!

    Spinning Rods

    A spinning rod is one of the most common and versatile fishing rods an angler can have in their boat. The spinning reel sits below the rod itself, allowing for increased stability and power. Spinning rods are typically used for freshwater fishing. 

    Casting Rods

    Casting rods are similar to spinning rods, though they are known for their increased durability. You can use either a baitcast or spincast reel depending on your skill level. Casting rods can achieve better accuracy and distance thanks to the placement of the reel above the rod rather than below. Spinning rods can be designed and used to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish.

    Fly Fishing Rods

    Fly fishing rods require a bit more skill to achieve the proper technique to make them most effective. Fly fishing rods are typically lightweight, and are paired with a specific wheel mounted below the rod based on the species you are looking to reel in.Fly fishing rods are known for being able to catch a variety of both saltwater and freshwater fish. 

    Trolling Rods

    Trolling rods are named after the fishing method they are specifically designed for: trolling. Trolling rods are mounted to the side of the boat in a rod holder, allowing the boat to slowly pull the casted bait through the water. Trolling rods have to be flexible enough to bend if they get caught on a rock or weed, yet strong enough not to break. Trolling rods work best in large, deep bodies of water. 

    Surf Rods

    A surf rod is required in saltwater applications due to the increased size and strength of saltwater fish. The rod is typically longer to allow for more leverage when reeling in bigger fish, and the overall design allows the rod to withstand wear and tear from sea water. Surf rods are meant to catch fish in large bodies of saltwater like the ocean.

    Best Practices For Choosing A Fishing Rod

    There are seemingly thousands of different rods for every type of situation imaginable. Picking the perfect one can seem like a daunting task. However, there are a few factors that you can keep in mind that can help narrow things down when you are looking to purchase a fishing rod. 

    Choose A Rod Best Suited For The Water You're Fishing

    The type of water you are fishing in can actually have a huge effect on the fishing rod you should use. For water with thick and heavy cover, a more robust fishing rod is going to be necessary to ensure that your rod can withstand the ebb and flow of moving through the thick cover. On the other hand, a lighter and thinner rod will be much better suited for clear, open water fishing. It’s important that you consider what type of water you’ll be fishing in when choosing what type of rod to use.

    Choose A Rod With The Appropriate Action

    The action of your rod is determined by the material it’s made of as well as the overall shape and design as well. Action refers to how much the rod bends when put under pressure on the tip. Action can have a tangible effect on the performance of the rod depending on the situation. There are usually three different types of action: slow, medium, and fast.

    Slow Action

    When a rod has a slow action, that means that the whole rod will bend from the bottom third upwards. These types of rods are sometimes referred to as ‘parabolic’ rods.

    Medium Action

    Medium action rods provide bend from the middle of the rod. Medium action rods can provide more casting distance, and increased hooksetting power. 

    Fast Action

    Lastly there is fast action, which means that only the top third of your rod may bend. These are obviously the most stiff rods, and provide the most sensitivity and power when hooksetting.

    Choose The Right Power

    Power is related to action and refers to the rod’s lifting capabilities. A rod with high power will be better suited for reeling in heavier lines. Like action, if you are fishing in heavy cover, you may need to get a rod with high power as well. Adversely, fishing in open water will require a thinner line, and thus a rod with lower power to match.

    Choose The Right Brand

    There are hundreds of different fishing rod brands available in a variety of price ranges. When deciding what rod to buy, the brand of the rod can be a major factor. Some brands are established and have been trusted for years, while others are new, exciting, and upcoming. 

    7 Most Popular Fishing Rod Brands

    The top seven fishing rod brands each offer their own unique pros and cons, and have set themselves apart from their competitors. Doing research into each brand can help determine which one is best suited for your fishing needs.


    Falcon is a fishing rod manufacturer that has used over 30 years of experience to continue building cutting edge fishing rods. They have become extremely successful thanks to their high quality, yet surprisingly low cost fishing equipment.


    Shimano is a Japanese company started in 1921 originally to make bicycle parts. In 1969 they began making fishing rods with a special DUX spinning reel. This reel included a variable gear ratio and put Shiamo on the map as a fishing rod manufacturer. To this day, they continue to innovate with new and exciting fishing rod designs.


    Berkley was started in 1937 by a 16 year old selling hand-tied flies out of his garage. Over the years they have grown into one of the most trusted fishing rod manufacturers on the market. They pour a huge amount of resources into their research and development to ensure that their rods always have the highest quality features and design.


    Okuma is a fishing rod manufacturer based in Taiwan who aims to inspire anglers to get outdoors and improve their skills. They offer a variety of fishing reels at affordable prices for nearly every type of fishing situation. From budget reels to heavy duty offshore rods, Okuma has it all!

    Ugly Stik

    Despite its name, the Ugly Stick was one of the most revolutionary fishing rods ever built. It was patented by James Monroe Lindler and Michael Taras Romanyszyn in 1976 as one of the first rods to successfully commercialize the use of graphite in fishing rods. What resulted was a flexible yet much more durable rod that was perfect for a variety of fishing techniques and situations.

    Abu Garcia

    Abu Garcia is named after its creator, an avid angler and watch maker. After World War 2, he decided to translate his craft of making highly precise and detailed timepieces into making fishing reels. Today Abu Garcia is a renowned fishing rod manufacturer that remains as one of the top dogs in the industry. Many of his designs have become the go to rods in the industry. 


    Highly successful angler Gary Dobyns decided to try his hand at building rods and created an extremely popular line of fishing reels. His rods typically favor bass fishing but can be used for just about any type of fish.

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