ROD and REEL Services


Line Winding Services

We will respool your reels with Berkley TRILENE XL or XT monifilament line in either clear or green. We also spool STREN clear or Clear Blue Flourescent. Line sizes from 4lb. to 20lb. test for only $4.00 per reel*. (*standard freshwater reels )

Some braided and flourocarbon fishing lines are also available in bulk for reel spooling for an additional charge.

We will inspect your reels and perform minor maintenance for no additional charges.

We will spool any new reel purchases with monifilament line for free!

We will gladly spool any line purchases on reels for no additional charge!

 Bring in your old fishing line,,, We Re-Cycle-- for fish Habatat


Fishing Rod Tip Replacement

We can replace your damaged rod tips in the store while you wait.  $4.00 per tip.

 ( Micro-Guide rod tips are also available.)


Fishing Reel Cleaning and Repair Services available

Michael Stranz, a trained fishing reel technician, cleans and repairs reels for us. Michael provides a pickup and return service here at the store for your convenience. Drop off your reels here and he will service and repair them promptly. 

Service turn around is usually within a week.  


Fishing Rod Repair, Customizing and Rod Building Services available

Brandon Mosley with "Mosley Rod Works" can replace damaged or missing line guides, repair reel seats, handles or customize your rods to your request. Brandon will gladly build you that awesome custom rod you want.  Brandon provides a pickup and dropoff service here at the store for your convenience.  

Repair turn around is usually the next week.