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Lew's BB1 PRO Speed Spool

Lew's BB1 PRO Speed Spool
 Lew's BB1 PRO Speed Spool Lew's BB1 PRO Speed Spool Lew's BB1 PRO Speed Spool

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Lew's BB1 PRO Speed Spool

Price From $199.99
The BB1 Pro Speed Spool® is a well-toned, high-performance fishing machine. The series features engineering enhancements for a lighter BB1 version with an all-new braking system for exceptional cast control regardless of angler experience with baitcasters. Its SpeedCast centrifugal braking system has 27 different settings that adjusts externally with a click of the dial.
Lew's BB1 Pro Speed

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SpeedCast® Adjustable Centrifugal Brake

SpeedCast adjustable centrifugal break

The SpeedCast® Adjustable Centrifugal Brake System delivers an extreme range of braking power from free spool to maximum by simply clicking its external dial to choose among 27 variable settings.

The BB1 Pro puts you in control of your casts, perfectly aligning brake power to lure size. With this system you will have more casting control over light lures, while maximizing casting distance with all lures.








  • Premium 10-bearing system with double-shielded stainless steel ball bearings
  • Available in multi-stop (PS1) and ZeroReverse anti-reverse models (PS1HZ, PS1SHZ, PS1HLZ, PS1SHLZ)
  • One-piece die-cast aluminum frame with graphite side plates
  • Braid-ready machined forged double-anodized
  • Aircraft-grade machine forged Duralumin spools and drive train
  • Externally adjustable SpeedCast® Centrifugal Braking System
  • Right-side aluminum spool tension knob with audible clicker
  • Carbon composite metal star drag system with 14-lbs. of drag power
  • Audible click bowed metal star drag
  • Bowed lightweight carbon fiber reel handle with Lew’s® custom paddle knobs
  • Oversized titanium line guide positioned farther from the spool to minimize line friction and maximize casting performance
  • Quick release side plate mechanism provides easy access to spool
  • External lube port


Multi-Stop Anti-Reverse                
PS1 RH 10 6.5 160/12 5.1:1 21" $199.99
Zero Reverse Anti-Reverse                
PS1HZ RH 9+1 6.5 160/12 6.4:1 28" $199.99
PS1SHZ RH 9+1 6.5 160/12 7.1:1 31" $199.99
PS1HZL LH 9+1 6.5 160/12 6.4:1 28" $199.99
PS1SHZL LH 9+1 6.5 160/12 7.1:1 31" $199.99
*IPT = Inches Per Turn, Line Cap. = Line Capacity (yards/lbs.), RH = Right Hand, LH = Left Hand



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