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Castable Umbrella Rig
Black PllatterChartreuse Black SplatterCitrus ShadSilver Black SplatterRigging SuggestionFolded Rig Skoolin' Rig Castable Umbrella Rig

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"Skoolin' Rigs" are handmade of the highest quality materials. They are constructed of 100% stainless steel wire, locked together inside the head, black nickel snaps and swivels and 3-D epoxy sealed eyes. This stainless steel wire can be bent over and over without breaking. Unlike many of the other models available this one has a split ring on the wire that sets it apart. The split ring allows you to close the rig for storage to prevent that inevitable mess in the rod locker or on the deck of the boat. You can also slide it down part way and open the wires to help with heavier lures and prevent them from tangling during the cast or adjust the size of your presentation.

Pictures show one example of a rigging option and a compressed rig for storage using the attached split ring.


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