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SPRO Little John MD - Dive 7' - 9'

Spro Little John MD
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SPRO Little John MD - Dive 7' - 9'

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Little John MD

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Little John MD

Bass Elite Series Angler and Crank Bait expert John Crews has worked closely with SPRO to design
the John Crews Series Little John MD Crankbait. This medium diver is designed to run about 9 feet deep on 10 lb monofilament line to get down to those fish hanging in the mid depth zone where predators like to feed. The SPRO Little John MD comes in 9 fish catching colors and comes stock from the factory with super sharp Gamakatsu Hooks. The MD will help everyone catch more fish reguardless of skill level!

John Crews, Professional Tournament Angler
Weight 1/2 oz., Size 53mm


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