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SPRO Mc Stick 110 - Suspending 5' - 7'

SPRO Mc Stick - Suspending 3' - 5'
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SPRO Mc Stick 110 - Suspending 5' - 7'

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Mc Stick

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BASS Elite Series angler Mike McClelland and SPRO designed the SPRO McStick with one goal in mind-to catch fish! The Mike McClelland Signature Series Mc Stick jerkbait is designed for the tournament Pro but it will enable those weekend anglers to have great success with any game fish that swims! The SPRO McStick comes stock from the factory with 3 sticky sharp Gamakatsu # 5 Trebles that ensure solid hook ups! If game fish so much as breathes on this lure they will get stuck! The Mc Stick is designed to suspend at lower water temperatures for those finicky early and late season fish, and it is a bait that is very easy to adjust for those aggressive warmer season fish. Use a pause and twitch retrieve or just cast it out and reel it back at a steady pace. The SPRO Mc Stick sticks 'em everytime!
Weight: 1/2oz
Depth: 5-7ft suspending
Come with super sharp Gamakatsu Treble Hook Size 5
1 pc/pk


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