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Abu Garcia Abu Garcia Gen. 4 Revo STX

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Abu Garcia Abu Garcia Gen. 4 Revo STX


A continued tradition of precision engineering and powerful performance, the Revo® STX is loaded with features that provide on the water advantages day in and out. A new Gull Wing™ sideplate design allows for quick and easy access to the almost limitless IVCB-6L™ (Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake) brake system. A more durable Duragear™ brass gear featuring the D2 Gear Design™ makes for one of the strongest yet most efficient gear systems.


  • DuraClutch™ design provides improved engagement and durability
  • IVCB-6L™ (Infinitely Variable Centrifugal Brake) braking system delivers precise external adjustments for a wide variety of baits while 6 internal locking modules allow anglers to easily fine tune and maximize casting distance
  • Gull Wing™ sideplate design allows for quick and easy access to braking systems and the spool
  • Infini IITM spool design for extended castability and extreme loads
  • Compact bent handle and star provide a more ergonomic design
  • Ti coated line guide reduces friction and improves durability
  • Lube port for easy access maintenance
  • MODEL Ratio Retreive Brakes Bearings
    REVO4 STX 6.6:1 27" Centrifugal 11 BB
    REVO4 STX-HS 7.3:1 30" Centrifugal 11 BB
    REVO4 STX-SHS 8.0:1 33" Centrifugal 11 BB


This item is available in the following models

Images Model Reference Retail Weight Information
REVO4 STX 6.6:1 Ratio Abu Garcia Gen. 4 R $199.95 0.00
REVO4 STX-HS 7.3:1 ratio Abu Garcia Gen. 4 R $199.95 0.00